Proxcloud is committed to keeping your data safe. We encrypt every file that is uploaded to the Proxcloud (Nextcloud) environment, so that even the administrators cannot access your data. We also provide valid SSL/TLS certificates on our servers. Your data is stored on servers in the Netherlands and Germany (both countries are members of the European Union) and you decide with whom you share that data.

We cannot guarantee that your data will remain out of someone else’s hands. Human errors and security holes will always remain a major problem. Your own responsibility is also very important, make sure you have a strong password that you only use for the Proxcloud. Enable 2FA whenever possible and don’t share your credentials with anyone.

All customers have access to all installed extensions. This includes a calendar, email client, contact book, photo gallery, communication system (chatting, calling and video calling), Deck (alternative to, for example, Trello), tasks and notes.

We provide one mailbox for all paid customers on request. This mailbox can then be consulted directly via Proxcloud Online or via other mail clients on your computer or mobile device. You can request any format (the piece before, it is checked by our support team and may be rejected. The mailbox is 1% of your quota, so if you, for example, have a subscription of 100GB your mailbox will be 1GB.

Proxeuse will soon also be offering Mail-Only hosting, this mail hosting may have more options. You may be able to convert the email address by then.

We reserve the right to change or delete the email address provided Proxcloud has announced this at least one month in advance.

We keep your data as long as it is stored in the Proxcloud. Please note that there may also be data in the trash and that we make a backup of your data every day. These backups are stored for a maximum of 14 days after which they are deleted. Name, address, place of residence and such (payment) data are kept for as long as Dutch legislation requires after which they are deleted. We are required by law to keep your financial data (such as invoices and quotations) for at least 10 years. Read more about the retention period of your data in our privacy policy.

Several apps and clients are available for the Proxcloud. You can find all available clients on this page. You can also always access your data by logging into your browser. This allows you to access your data anywhere in the world*.

*with the possible exception of countries, organisations, schools, etc. that have blocked our IP addresses

Yes, you can get a domain name in the format {custom} This domain name is secured with an SSL certificate that applies to * You can also set a CNAME record for your own domain name (for example,, but you may receive a security error message. If you want to use your own (sub) domain name, please contact us.

We follow the modern setting of TLS versions and ciphers by Mozilla. As of this writing, this only covers TLSv1.2, but our web servers are already prepared to support TLSv1.3 as soon as Mozilla adds TLSv1.3 to their list.

That depends on several factors, below we give you a number of factors:

  • The speed of the storage medium you want to download to or upload from.
  • The speed of your internet subscription and the actual delivered speed. Please contact your internet service provider for more information or contact us.
  • The pressure on the internet. It is possible that during peak hours the speed is lower, for both the end user (you) and for companies (we).

We have a 1Gbps connection to our main servers via our hosting provider.

Yes, we fully support IPv6. Our servers are equipped with both IPv6 and IPv4 addresses, so you can connect to our servers via both IPv4 and IPv6.

You will receive your username and password immediately after your order, which allows you to log in directly to In the future, we expect you to be given the opportunity to log in using your username and password you use in our customer portal. Our team is working hard to realize this.

You can find more information in our knowledge base.

Proxcloud is not liable for data loss in any way. Despite the fact that Proxcloud makes daily backups of all data, it is your full responsibility that your data is backed up.
You can easily create backups by installing a Proxcloud client on your computer and setting it so that all data is copied to your computer. Please note that if your data is completely deleted (also deleted from the trash), either in the browser environment or by a client, it cannot be retrieved. Proxcloud may be able to help you get your data back but is not obliged or responsible for it.

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