Privacy Friendly Cloud Platform

Proxcloud is a special cloud platform based on NextCloud. Enjoy privacy, quality, speed and accessibility. Starting at €0.99

Price & Access

Our services start at a price of just €2.99 per month. Included with this price is a precious asset: Privacy. Access your data through your browser and apps for Android, IOS and more.


Our cloud platform is of excellent quality. It is fast, reliable and easy to use. It runs on powerful servers in Germany and the Netherlands (both in EU) with 99% uptime.


Our support team is always ready to solve problems, our team is resourceful, will help you with problems you experience and will help you choose the ideal solution. 

Starting at €0.99

The Proxcloud has very competitive prices, starting at just € 0.99 for the 10GB plan. That comes down to a price of only € 0.09900 per GB. It becomes cheaper the larger the size of your package, down to € 0.02499 per GB.


Feel free to do whatever you want*. Save your company files or keep the photos of all the wonderful holidays with your family. In any case, we will never sell or analyze your data or try to make money from it in any other way.

*As long as you stick to the Terms and Conditions 😉.

Data protected

Where possible, we ensure that your data only remains in Europe, which, not only, brings faster connections for our European customers, your data wil also only ends up in countries with strict privacy laws that are supervised by European and local supervisors.


With clients for Windows, macOS and Linux, synchronization is possible for every PC and laptop. In addition, apps are available for both Android and IOS. The client synchronizes via WebDAV so any other client that works with this protocol is also suitable. We supply the standard Nextcloud apps so that you can enjoy the safety of open-source. You can of course always use your browser to access all your files.

Collaboration & Online Document Editor

In our online (browser) environment you can edit or view files in real time with several people at the same time. Collaborate with your colleagues on Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files through the OnlyOffice integration included in each plan.

"Regain control of your data by choosing the Proxcloud complete cloud solution."
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